ANC plans to deport foreign national criminals

By Zingisa Mvumvu - July 5, 2017

The ANC is planning to deport all foreign national criminals in SA prisons who have been convicted of “petty crimes” back to their countries to curb overcrowding in local prisons.

This was said by State Security Minister David Mahlobo during a report from Peace and Stability Commission at the ANC National Policy Conference in Nasrec, Johannesburg.

According to Mahlobo, there were 6 440 prisoners who are non-nationals in SA prisons which was uncovered as the governing party did research following “generalisation” by South Africans that foreigners were committing crime.

In this regard, said Mahlobo, the ANC has resolved to send foreign convicts who are serving time for “petty crimes” back to their countries while those who are in for serious crimes like murder should remain in the overcrowded SA prisons.

According to Mahlobo, 60% of the 6 440 fall in the “petty crimes” category which means about 4000 will be sent back to their countries while the remainder have committed serious offences and therefore will remain.

Also, went on Mahlobo, the ANC had resolved that prisoners of foreign descent were also a “burden to the fiscus”.

“But what we must emphasise is that a criminal is a criminal regardless of where they come from so we urge our people not to discriminate against foreigners,” said Mahlobo.


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