Xolani Opinion: Cops need strategy to target drug kingpins, not the small fish

10 July 2017 9:55 AM

Xolani Gwala reacts to reports that South Africa has allegedly become one of the world's largest players in the illicit drug trade.

According to a Sunday Times report, South Africa is being used as a key transporting hub.

Xolani says we are not just a hub for the global drug trade, but in fact, drugs are being used widely on our own streets.

These days you lucky if you don't have a family member who is hooked on drugs.

— Xolani Gwala, 702 host

He says we need an overarching strategy to deal with drugs.

And from what I can see, no we don't.

— Xolani Gwala, 702 host

When speaking to cops, he says they tell him how the easily meet their monthly targets busting small time drug dealers.

But this is not the solution says Xolani.

Police need to target the big kingpins in order to make an impact.

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