Court Case Report

An application was brought against the Government of South Africa for its failure to consider our request that the Government enter into a Prisoner Exchange Agreement with the Government of Mauritius, alternatively to provide sufficient reasons for its decision to not do so. The application was heard on the 29 and 30 March 2010.

While this application is specific to the South Africans detained in Mauritius, if successful this will open the door for all our citizens held in foreign prisons around the world. The devastation and trauma this causes the families is tremendous.

South Africa is one of only two countries worldwide without such an agreement. We're calling for the return of more than 1300 SA citizens arrested in foreign countries to serve their sentences, under extradition, on home soil AND for the DEPORTATION of TENS OF THOUSANDS of FOREIGNERS being supported by OUR TAX MONEY.

April 2010
The case has been heard and has been reserved for judgement. This could take up to 3 months so please keep in touch with us for further information about the outcome.
9 December 2010
Judgment was delivered on the 9December 2010 and our application was dismissed. We filed an application for leave to appeal the judgment and it is been considered in the Constitutional Court. Will update as soon as we have more information