Foreign Prisons Conditions

Desperate and unsuspecting South Africans are being lured into drug syndicates and are paying a heavy price in prisons all over the world.

The more research we do, the more we are finding that although some prisons are labeled as 'the harshest in the world' the living conditions in many of these 'developing countries' prisons are much the same, worldwide.

These photos were secretly taken in one of the prisons. For obvious reasons we cannot name the prison nor the inmates.

Inmates Toilets Water Trough. This is where they wash their
faces, brush their teeth AND wash the 'potty'
Visitors Waiting Area - Depending on the mood of the Guards on Duty, you
could sit here for up to 4 hours before they let you in for a 30 minute visit.

This is in the women's section of the prison!

These prisons are unfit for human habitation!

No one expects 5-star accomodation but there are
basic primary needs for human beings that are grossly neglected
in these places. Food, clothing, medication, soap, toothpaste,
sanitary wear for ladies, vitamins, etc.

When sickness hits, the road to recovery is long and harsh.
Illness like diarrhea is common and without proper treatment
the consequenses are severe!

In one of the other prisons, top if the menu is CAT ... and then GUINEA PIG!!!  And those prisoners are the lucky ones. Most of these prisons supply inmates with very little food and the little that is supplied is not nutritious and tastes like cr*p !

Only emergency medical treatment is available and even that is dodgy at best. People needing chronic medication for any condition can forget it! Families will have a real struggle on their hands to get medication of any sort to inmates. Dental services are not available. If you have a rotten tooth ask an inmate with pliers to help you!


Approx 180 South Africans are jailed in Brazil
Photos via SABC2's Focus  -  broadcast 15th March 2009

Maria Vitoria Paiva:
Shelter for Women, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

“Most women that pass through here are South African. It’s a Consular that’s very resistant. I don’t know, it’s very difficult, they do not help their citizens with air fare. Other countries help but the South African Consulate does not offer any help."


10 South Africans are jailed in Thailand
Photos via SABC3's Special Assignment  -  broadcast 17th March 2009


Pictured with a hidden camera, Shani Krebs,
having served nearly 15 years, is the longest
serving 'farang' (foreigner) in Bangkwang Mens prison.

Bearing in mind that drug trafficking is punishable by death in Thailand, foreigners sentences are usually commuted to 100 years. Over the years Shani has received small pardons, reducing his sentence to 40 years. The King of Thailand has said he will give Shani a full pardon and release him IF the South African Government shows their support. Quite a thing, yet the South African Government has refused.

The Special Assignment crew were not permitted to interview him, no cameras are allowed inside and none of the South African inmates talk of the conditions in a Thai prison. Shani is a self taught artist. His art is jaw-dropping and when you consider the conditions under which he works, no table, no good lighting , no comfy chair, his work is hauntingly realistic. Click here for the Facebook Group: "Shani Krebs, Captivated Artist" where you can view some of his awesome artwork.   Says Shani ....