Extradite South African detainees

LOCKED UP in a foreign country

A South African perspective

LOCKED UP in a foreign country is intended to WAKE UP and SHAKE UP the harsh reality of drug trafficking.

This is not another "don't do drugs" website. Rather, it is intended to give you a glimpse into the darker side of the drug business.

If you have never used or never thought about dealing drugs, some of your closest friends probably have. Drug Mules are recruited in nightclubs, at parties, pubs, on the rugby field, in the gym, university, the workplace. In fact, every social gathering has potential.

Not every drug user becomes an addict however, using some drugs can lead to addiction. Addiction can lead to becoming a mule.

For the addict who has lost everything, accumulated debts and finds themselves in a dire financial position, the offer of cash-for-a-run is a very attractive one. The going rate is between R20,000 and R35,000.


  • To educate people!!
  • To put as much pressure as it takes on the SA Government to SIGN onto the existing worldwide multi-lateral Prisoner Transfer Agreement and extradite it's people!!


Mom of drug mule pleads for grandchild

on 06 January 2007.

After a lifetime of heartache with her delinquent and criminal daughter, a Durban mother is now trying to rescue her two-month-old grandson from the hell of a Brazilian jail.

Belinda Lange said on Friday night she was desperate to get to Sao Paulo so she could begin negotiations to bring Tyron Joe back home, where he would then meet his 17-month-old brother, Roland, for the first time.