What happens when the lords turn?

If the lords decide they would rather make a bigger profit by not paying you, they will kill you... and dump your body!

If one gram of stock is missing, they will kill you... and dump your body!

If you’ve swallowed capsules and one bursts before you can get it out of your body, you will die! The lords will slice your belly open, retrieve their stock and dump your body!  No sense in wasting, right?

If the authorities catch you, will the lords help you?   NO!


Excerpts from a handwritten letter from South Africans currently serving time in Mauritian prisons.

Prior to the year 2000, there were no South African citizens in Mauritian prisons. From the year 2001 to date the number has swelled to about 30 (men and women) as at the time of writing this story.

However the South African citizens ended up in the Mauritian prison through the greedy machinations of drug barons in South Africa in collaboration with those in Mauritius. The barons will approach their victims who are usually in dire need of financial help and propose to help them out. They will promise them an expenses paid good time in Mauritius in exchange for their willingness to deliver their parcels to their local contacts in Mauritius. In some instances their victims will have no knowledge of what the parcel contained. The barons will additionally promise to pay them a handsome amount of money on their successful return from Mauritius.

Many of the couriers, as these victims are sometimes called, are forced under threat to themselves and their families to make this trip against their will. And if, unfortunately they are arrested in Mauritius, these barons will blame them for their stupidity and carelessness and then rue their financial losses. They will withdraw any form of contact and support (both moral and financial) from their fallen victims and leave them to fend for themselves. Also these barons will not offer any form of support to the families of these unfortunate victims who bear the brunt of their misadventures.